Charlie McCown’s Park


Located at 200 E. Broadway, this park is Lexington’s biggest park with a pavillion, covered bridge and gazebo. The city with the help of grants, vo-tech and the Lexington school children, beautified the park by adding lighted pathways and shrubs. The park also has a basketball court, swings for entertainment and a six hole Disc Golf course.

In 2013, a new splash pad was added to the park. The splash pad is open during the summer months and can be rented for parties. Contact city hall for more details. 405-527-6123.

Thanks to donations from several people, seven new pieces of playground equipment was added to the park for the children to enjoy.  A new volleyball court and new restrooms were also added to the park as well.


Veterans Park

vet park 3
vet park 1

This park is located between Highway 39 and Highway 77 just off the Lexington and Purcell bridge.
This park has a setting area and a monument dedicated to verterans who have served in the military. Resident’s can have
the name of their loved ones etched on the monument for a nominal fee. Information can be picked up at city hall.


North Park

col j smith

Loacted at 501 N. Main and Highway 77, this park has covered setting and a monument dedicated to one of Lexington’s most decorated war veteran, Colonel John L. Smith.
Mr. Smith appeared on the front cover of “Life” magazine in 1942.